Reservoir High School Music Department:


Dear Members, Parents and Guardians:

In order to maintain a high level of performance and discipline, each member must know what is expected of him/her. It is necessary for each member to adhere to the expectations listed below. Each student’s participation in any Music Department function is contingent upon this policy being signed and returned to your Director. Should you have any questions, contact your ensemble Director.


The Reservoir High School Music Department Directors

1. Each member shall follow ANY and ALL directives and commands by Directors, Drum Majors, director-appointed Student Leaders, Substitute Teachers, and Chaperones. Instructions are to be followed the first time given.

2. Food and drink are allowed in the ensemble rooms as a privilege given to students. Students are expected to respect their surroundings by keeping the music rooms clean. This privilege will be removed at the discretion of the directors if the music suite is not kept clean. Food and drink are not allowed in the practice rooms, music tech lab, or auditorium.

3. All students are responsible for proper use of practice rooms, equipment, music, uniforms, and other necessities that are property of the Howard County Public School System or Reservoir High School. Abuse or neglect will result in the loss of the individual’s use of the item, disciplinary action if warranted, and that individual becoming financially responsible for repairs or, if determined un-repairable, the item’s replacement. Students must also receive permission to use the rooms in the music suite for anything other than class.

4. The Music Department offers an “open door” policy to students. However, students are prohibited from phone or office use unless given specific permission by the directors. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action as decided by the directors.

5. Each member is to actively schedule his/her activities so that he/she is able to attend all Reservoir High School Music Department functions that pertain to the member. The calendar is issued at the beginning of the year, so that all conflicts may be avoided. Work or transportation issues are not excuses for missing a scheduled event. Please make arrangements in advance to avoid conflicts.

6. It is expected that Music Department members practice at home a minimum of 20 minutes a night. Furthermore, unless otherwise instructed by your Music Department Director, students should complete homework individually.

7. Attendance of the rehearsal prior to a scheduled performance (i.e., a dress rehearsal) is MANDATORY. A student’s unexcused absence from a mandatory rehearsal will result in that member NOT performing in that particular scheduled performance. The student will still be expected to attend the performance as a spectator, but will not be allowed to perform.

8. Music Department directors may exercise their prerogative to call additional practice sessions for any/all performing groups. These will be held to a minimum and take place only when deemed necessary with at least 2 weeks prior notice.

9. All planned performance, rehearsal, and dress rehearsal absences shall require parental written notice delivered to your director AT LEAST one week prior to the performance/rehearsal to be missed. This also includes all RHS sports related conflicts.

10. An excused absence from a mandatory practice shall be for illness, family emergency, major pre-planned family events (weddings, vacations, etc.), court appearances, communicated and approved RHS sports conflicts, and only those reasons considered legitimate by the school board for regular school day absence. It is understood that if a student attends school, they are able to attend that day’s after-school/evening mandatory rehearsal unless worked out with their director one week prior to event with a written parental note.

11. All members shall ride with the Music Department to and from events when bus transportation is provided. An exception may be made when a member produces a parental note giving the member permission to leave after the performance in a private car. The notes MUST be presented to your director three days prior to departure from school for the Principal’s approval.

12. For performances, all members must leave all personal property and articles that cannot properly be worn within the uniform itself on the buses, in Music Department classrooms, or in their cars. The Music Department is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The only uniform exception shall be at the Marching Band director’s discretion for cold weather as coats may then be permitted to be worn in the football stands, but may not be worn or carried by a member as the Marching Band enters and exits the football area.

13. Music Department members are expected to stay in concert attire and maintain proper concert etiquette for the duration of a concert, not just the students’ performance on stage.

14. The Music Department has the expectation that ALL students actively participate in Music Booster or student account fundraisers. Funds earned through student account fundraisers can be used to subsidize any/all Music Department expense(s) (i.e. Spring Trip, Jacket, Concert Attire, Uniform related fees, etc.).

15. Any student who leaves the Music Department shall have all funds in their personal account held in escrow until their graduation. As these funds have been raised for Music Department purposes, all escrow and active accounts’ balances will be applied to the general Music Department Boosters expenses or a sibling’s account upon the member’s graduation.

16. There shall be NO gum chewing during performances, practices, sectionals, or rehearsals.
17. Regardless of age, no student is to POSSESS, USE, BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE, OR IN THE PRESENCE OF DRUGS, TOBACCO OR ALCOHOL AT ANY TIME. Disregard of this policy during a Music Department function shall result in the member being held accountable in accordance with the Howard County Department of Education’s Drug and Alcohol Policy.

18. The Spring Trip is viewed as a reward for hard work and dedication throughout the school year. Consequently, student behavior or lack of involvement prior to and during the spring trip may result in that student not being eligible for participation on that year’s or following years’ spring trips. Such decisions will be made without debate regardless of financial status. Students must also be academically eligible to participate in the spring trip in accordance with the extra-curricular/athletic eligibility policies (p. 13 in the RHS Student/Family Handbook).

19. In addition to the students being in good academic standing as well as meeting the behavioral expectations, participation in the extra-curricular spring trip is contingent upon students earning ten (10) hours of service to the RHS Music Department. Students will be required to meet benchmark hour requirements to remain in good standing for spring trip participation. Service hour benchmarks will be announced throughout the year based on the number of service hour opportunities available. Service hours can be earned through participation in a variety of non-performance and fund-raising events including the mattress sale, Music in Motion (fall marching band competition @ RHS), the county Middle School Orchestra Assessments, concert set-up and cleanup, etc.

20. All Music Department students and parents are encouraged to frequently monitor the Reservoir High School Music Department Website ( Course Syllabi and Grading Policies, as well as the Music Department Calendar, and other important pieces of information are always available. By signing this form parents/guardians are also giving permission for pictures of students to be posted on the RHS Music Department Website and printed publications.

Any failure by a member to comply with the above policies shall result in a director meeting to consider possible actions to be taken regarding his/her future Music Department participation and status. All concerned parties will adhere to such decisions without debate.