Reservoir High School Music Department:

Madrigal Singers Callbacks

The following students have been called back for the Madrigal Singers audition:

Boakye, Christian
Bodden, Grace
Ceverino, Whitney
Chu, Jaena
Cook, Gabby
desJardins-Park, Caroline
Glen, Elena
Goron, Sophie
Hannah, Cherish
Horowitz, Lisa
Kim, Emily
Lamich, Erin
Malanoski, Katherine
McGhie, Kirsten
Peters, Annie
Simmons, Audrey
Warrick, Allie
Yang, Sophia

We will meet from approximately 2:30-4:00. Please review the prepared music excerpt from the original audition. We will briefly review the music for each part, and some of you may be asked to sing a part that you didn't learn originally. See you Wednesday after school!